Our Donors

Here are a handful of some of our supporters who are showing their love for Wales by giving to the Fund for Wales: 

Karen Burdette, American with Welsh Ancestry 

As an American with Welsh roots, I came across the Fund for Wales while attending a Welsh course on vacation in North Wales.  My grandfather was originally from Llanberis where he worked in the slate mine and I’m proud to make a gift to the Fund for Wales in honour of my Welsh heritage."





Alun Evans, lives in Kent - at home in Wales!

"I don't feel at home until I'm back in West Wales. The Fund for Wales is a great idea and I'm very proud to make a donation to the Fund in memory of my father.”




Siân Hassan, a very proud Welsh woman, with a family home in Ceredigion  

"I'm really pleased to be endorsing and supporting this wonderful campaign which will make a long term contribution and difference to Wales. And it's very nice to be in the company of the Prince of Wales in the process!"





Thank you to all of our donors who are supporting our campaign to grow a national community endowment fund. 

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