Bee Friendly Monmouthshire

Bee Friendly Monmouthshire

Stemming from their efforts to cultivate an environment ripe for pollination, Bee Friendly Monmouthshire used a £1,000 grant from Fund for Wales to launch a multifaceted campaign to raise awareness of the importance of Bees within Monmouthshire communities. A pollinator friendly campaign has been helped along by the purchase of flower seed packets, ready to be planted around the county. In many other ways, Bee Friendly Monmouthshire has been able to plant the seed of awareness of wider green issues amongst Monmouthshire schools. 

The progressive volunteer led organisation runs a number of different information sessions for the community, visits local schools to teach the children and young people about bees and helps them to start bee friendly gardens. When the bees aren’t around, their work can be easily spotted around the wilds and gardens of Monmouthshire, demarked as it is by Bee Friendly Lollipop Signs. 

They have also produced and continue to distribute a handsome array of information leaflets to help the local community engage with their insect friends. These educational resources are being distributed at workshops and at village fairs, and are being used in lessons at the local schools.  

For many of the voluntary members of Bee Friendly, the project has stirred a true sense of community responsibility. In researching for and writing their informational leaflets, the charity has joined an extremely relevant conversation, within Wales and around the world. As an offshoot to Bee Friendly’s activities, Monmouthshire’s parks and recreational spaces are becoming surrounded by a widening range of foliage and flowers, which in turn helps the local authorities with the upkeep and presentation of public land. The people, as well as the bees, of Monmouthshire will continue to benefit from the work of this growing initiative.