North Powys Youth Music Trust

North Powys Youth Music Trust

When young people make music together, they work toward a common goal that has the potential to change lives profoundly for the better.

The North Powys Youth Music Trust, established in 1993, organises and manages weekly rehearsals for 6 different ensembles for the young people in of North Powys. Learning a new instrument and playing in a band/orchestra provides young people with a wide variety of learning opportunities. 

Thanks to a grant of £880 from the Fund for Wales, North Powys Youth Music Trust has been able to develop its Forming Firm Foundations project, which works towards establishing the organisation as a sustainable enterprise which relies less on grant funding.

With the funding they have been able to visit a number of schools, both primary and secondary, in North Powys to promote their ensembles and  build relationships with key schools that offer either very little or no music tuition. 

As a result of these relationships the schools have been encouraging their pupils to attend the weekly rehearsals to give them the opportunity to learn a new instrument, a chance they wouldn’t have without the trust. 

Whilst visiting these local schools, they were also able to engage the schools peripatetic teachers who have recently begun attending the weekly practices, offering their advice and support to the young members of the ensembles. 

The grant also gave the group the resources they needed to develop a project to encourage adult volunteering. The project will enable the trust to expand their team of committed volunteers, and thus allow them the capacity to increase their number of members. 

Gwen James, Leader of North Powys Youth Orchestra said “it’s been great that the Fund for Wales has enabled the Trust to promote its work with local schools and peripatetic teachers.  This is already reaping rewards with new players coming forward joining our ensembles and growing our community of local musicians.  In addition, the new scheme encouraging adult volunteer musicians to get involved is also proving a huge success and we already have several attending rehearsals to help us out on a regular basis.”

The funding has enabled the trust to grow as an organisation, and reach out to more young people in the North Powys area giving them a chance to be part of this unique project and learn valuable life skills.