Pembrokeshire Foster Carers Association

Pembrokeshire Foster Carers Association

Becoming a foster carer is a huge responsibility, with important emotional and financial ramifications needing consideration before embarking on this rewarding life journey. Pembrokeshire Foster Carers Association was established to create a community of carers around southwest Wales and to allow foster families to share their experiences and help take some of the weight off their feet. The charity organises days out for the children and carers to provide them with an opportunity to make new friends and have fun together. This is especially important as fostered children are often beginning new lives in a new location, so an immediate introduction to a wider ‘family’ can help with that process of readjustment 

A grant of £1,000 to Pembrokeshire Foster Carers Association from the Fund for Wales allowed children and their foster parents to take part in days out and activities free of charge. Nine volunteers have coordinated activity trips to a local theme park, a Christmas pantomime and a go-karting track. The charity hopes to continue to provide this service for fostered children into the future, with many other exciting activities lined up. As well as broadening the life experiences of the children, the days out are an opportunity to offer practical advice to the carers, pointing them in the direction of other agencies that can provide support. 

A huge part of the Pembrokeshire Foster Carers Association’s work is keeping the activities and information as accessible as possible. The grant from the Fund for Wales has helped in keeping their doors open to the ever-increasing number of cared for children in Pembrokeshire. It is fantastic for foster families to know that they can join the organisation for free and benefit from free or subsidised activities.