Why is the Fund for Wales needed?



A unique, national endowment fund, the Fund for Wales makes a difference now and into the future. Gifts of all sizes and from all over the world are invested in order to award grants to small community groups whose work is so valuable in neighbourhoods across Wales - but who often fall under the radar of donors and funders.

Your donation to the Fund for Wales is a gift which keeps on giving. It is a wise investment which achieves both an immediate impact in neighbourhoods, and a long-term gain as a strategic, independent source of funding for Welsh communities.

There are more than 30,000 community groups and charities in Wales which are strengthening their communities and meeting local needs - often on a shoestring budget or voluntary basis. They understand their challenges and ambitions, and work hard to address key issues and achieve the aspirations of people in their neighbourhoods.

85% of charitable giving goes to only 5% of charities: this indicates that people find it harder to donate to smaller community organisations, and means that groups which make a big difference locally, can miss out on people’s generosity.  The Fund for Wales enables everyone who cares about Wales to join their donations together -  to help people working at the grassroots to achieve lasting change in their own communities.  

Together, we can improve the quality of life, resilience, strength and vitality of Welsh communities.

Give today and your donation will start working straight away, and will continue to fund projects for years to come. Truly a gift which keeps on giving.

Thank you

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